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Dr. Goetz M. Bendele
Goetz M. Bendele
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Strategy, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing

Born in 1970, Board member since 2018 - Goetz M. Bendele studied physics in Braunschweig and the U.S., and received his Ph.D. from Stony Brook University. After his post doc, he has worked as a management consultant, followed by roles as manager in the high tech industry. He joined the LPKF Group as Chief Executive Officer in May 2018.
Kai Bentz (CFO)
Kai Bentz
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Finance, Investor Relations, Compliance and Law

Born 1971, member of the Management Board since 2007 - Upon completion of his degree in economics at the University of Hannover, Kai Bentz worked for a large international accounting and auditing firm. After qualifying as a tax advisor, he joined the LPKF Group in 2002.
Dr. Christian Bieniek (COO)
Dr. Christian Bieniek
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Production, ERP, Administration, Organisation and IT

Born 1967, member of the Management Board since 2012 - Christian Bieniek studied mechanical engineering (with a focus on manufacturing technology) before completing his doctorate at TU Braunschweig. Afterwards, he first worked in a management consultancy followed by various responsible operations functions in the commercial vehicle and capital goods industries. He joined the LPKF Management in December 2012.
Bernd Lange (CTO)
Bernd Lange
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Technology, Research and Development

Born 1961, member of the Management Board since 2004 - Bernd Lange studied electrical engineering at the University of Odessa and has worked in a variety of companies in the fields of electrical engineering and scientific instrumentation. He joined the LPKF Group in 2000.


Dr. Markus Peters

Dr. Markus Peters


Born 1964, member of the supervisory board since 13 July 2017 - After completing a training as a banker, Markus Peters studied business administration at Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel and in the USA. He worked in various managerial positions for RWE, thyssenkrupp, Outokumpu Holding Germany GmbH and DMG MORI, including 4 years in the USA. Since July 2017 Markus Peters is member of the Executive Board of  German Technology AG, a subsidiary of BANTLEON BANK AG.
Prof. Erich Barke

Prof. Erich Barke

Deputy Chairman

Born 1946, member of the supervisory board since 2006 - Erich Barke studied electrical engineering at the University of Hannover. After receiving his PhD degree in 1978, his habilitation in 1982 and his appointment as professor in 1983 he moved to industry and joined Siemens AG 1985 as a manager in its semiconductor division.
In 1992 he became Professor at the University of Hannover and Director of the Institute for Microelectronic Systems at the University of Hannover. From 2001 - 2004 Erich Barke was First Dean of the IT faculty of the University of Hannover, from 2005 - 2015 President of the University of Hannover.

Memberships in other Supervisory Boards
• Esso Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg
• ExxonMobil Central Europe Holding GmbH, Hamburg
• hannoverimpuls GmbH, Hannover
Dr. Dirk Michael Rothweiler

Dr. Dirk Michael Rothweiler

Born 1963, member of the supervisory board since 13 June 2017 - Dirk Michael Rothweiler studied physics at the Technical University Aachen, where he also obtained a PhD degree at the faculty of mechanical engineering. He was a project manager at Fraunhofer-Institute for Laser Technology and at the Institute for Laser Technology of the Technical University Aachen. He worked as a manager for various international companies like Carl Zeiss AG, Suess Microtec AG and Jenoptik AG. Since 2017 he is CEO of First Sensor AG in Berlin.

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